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About The Journal

International Journal of medical imaging and Radiation (IJMI) of Sciforce Publications,The Journal deals with the study of technique for creating visual representations of the interior of any body parts for medical intervention and clinical analysis. Medical imaging pursues to reveal internal structures hidden by the skin and bones, as well as to diagnose and treat disease. Radiology focuses on the variety of imaging techniques like X-ray radiography, computed tomography, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose or treat diseases.
This is an open access International Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation which covers different strategies, while it acts as the supporting cover for major classifications. The journal precisely publishes the original writings on medical imaging achieved by many modalities, like ultrasound, X-rays, radionuclide, magnetic resonance, microwaves and light as well as medical image processing and analysis, pattern recognition, visualization, and related methods. The Studies involving highly technical prospects are most welcome. The journal also focuses on a unified common ground where instrumentation, mathematics, components, systems and physics contribute to the studies.
International Journal of Medical Imaging and radiation encourages the submission of documents on imaging of body structure, imaging of microscopic biological entities, and morphology and function. Journal generally aims at publishing original artworks - Images on Clinical & Medical classifications. Flow chart submission and e-posters; graphical abstracts and Case Blogs of highest quality and publishes the artwork at a very short span of time and also by spreading of novel discoveries and interventions.
International Journal of medical imaging and Radiation (IJMI) publishes original research articles, book chapters, reviews, letters and short communications, rapid communications, and abstracts

Aim and Scope

Sciforce Journal of International Journal of medical imaging and Radiation (IJMI) journals and research papers are a gateway to the community medical imaging and Radiation science experts, researchers and peers. While adhering to the international standards of online publishing, JFP aims to publish high quality, informative, scientific and well-researched content.

International Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiology